Harold “Harry” Lewis (born 24 November 1996), also known as wroetoshaw or W2S, is a YouTube personality and the youngest member of the Sidemen.

Despite being the youngest (and most recent addition) of the Sidemen, Harry is one of the most popular with more than 3 million subscribers on his main channel. He is often the centre of abuse from online users for his apparent lack of ability to hit puberty, despite being 18 years of age.

He lives in a luxury London flat alongside Callux andCalfreezy (who are not members of the Sidemen) and enjoys shouting.

During the summer of 2014, Harry showed off his wealth by buying a Chrome Wrapped Range Rover Evoque (which typically costs around £40,000). He recently re-wrapped it with a Gold Chrome finish (a colour which many of his followers have described as “tacky” and “dicky”).



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